1.How can I place an order for goat on “GOAT DEPOT”?

-Booking Option No 1 – You can Book a Goat by using our websites automated booking system.

-Booking Option No 2 – You can message us the Goat number on our Facebook page or Hotline number and our team will book it for you.

2.Delivery Charge?

-Delivery Charge is 300 taka for an order, we will deliver your Goat direct to your home anywhere inside Dhaka Metropolitan area.

3.What are the payment options?

-Option 1: Tk 3000 During Booking, and rest Cash on Delivery

-Option 2: You can pay 100% During Booking.

-Option 3: You can pay cash direct to our booking office located in  Mohakhali, Dhaka”.


4.What will happen if the goat isinjured, sick or deemed unfit?

-If any Goat is injured, sick or is deemed unfit before delivery then we will replace the GOAT according to your choice and if requested we will refund 100% of your payment instantly.

5.Does GOAT DEPOToffer Animal Processing during Qurbani?

-Yes, we will have Qurbani processing for EID 1st Day. Charge is Tk 2600 per goat. We will do the processing and delivery direct to your home.

6.What is the ExpectedMeatWeight (Carcass Weight + Legs + Head)?

-Meat Dressing Weight (Carcass weight) is about 60-65% of total live weight. Example:Goat Live weight 20KG = Meat Dressing Weight About 12-13KG.

7. How much difference we can expect from mentioned Live Weight?

-From previous experience we can say to expect +- 2KG During Delivery. But our team most of the time has delivered higher live weight during delivery.


Call us for any queries : +880 1847-277626 &  +880 1819-262346