Terms and Condition

GOAT DEPOT Expert Quality Team has collected all ourGoats from village farmers and households of North Bengal Region.Our Expert Goat Rearing team lead by a Veterinary takes care of our Goats before they are delivered straight to your home.

How can I place an order for goat on “GOAT DEPOT”?

-Booking Option No 1 – You can Book a Goat by using our websites automated booking system.

-Booking Option No 2 – You can message us the Goat number on our Facebook page or Hotline number and our team will book it for you.

-Delivery Charge?

-Delivery Charge is free, we will deliver your Goat direct to your home anywhere inside Dhaka Metropolitan area.

What is the last date of placing order?

-Goat can be ordered until 2(two) Day Before EID-UL-Adha, but we suggest you book your favorite Goat as early as possible to avoid the rush.

What will be the delivery Process?

– We will deliver the goat in front of your doorstep. (Delivery spot should have enough space for a pick-up van/truck to move freely and get the goat off board. In case of infeasible landing space, we will deliver to the nearest wide roadside point).

How do I pay for the Goat?

-Option 1: Tk 3000 During Booking, and rest Cash on Delivery

-Option 2: You can pay 100% During Booking.


When will I get the delivery?

-Goats be delivered anytime the customer desires upto Day before EID. We can also deliver according to your preferred date. (Due to weather or traffic conditionCustomer must be flexible in terms of receiving time of the day).

What will happen if the goat will be injured, sick or deemed unfit?

-If any Goat is infected or sick or is deemed as unfit before delivery then we will replace the GOAT according to your choice and if need be we will refund 100% of your payment.

Does GOAT DEPOT extend any support for Animal processing during qurbani?

-Yes, we will have qurbani animal processing for EID 1st and 2nd Day. First Day Charge is Tk 2600 per Goat and 2nd Day is Tk 2000 per goat.

Contact Number for any Assistance regarding selection of GOAT ?

– For any other information you can call on 01847277626


Please make sure to check all Goat related information and terms before purchasing the Goat. All the goats are 100% sourced by GOAT DEPOT expert quality control team . As a part of Qurbani to be accepted by Allah SWT, we hope we are able to provide you your desired Qurbani Goat